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Ozone is increasingly used in aquaculture due to its numerous advantages over traditional water disinfection methods. The use of ozone is the most effective method for providing high-quality water for Fish and Prawn Hatcheries. Disinfection by Ozone can reduce the risk of disease in aquaculture systems and results in less need for vaccination, less use of antibiotics and leads to higher growth rates and decreased mortality.

Shrimp Hatcheries

The main reasons for using ozone in Aquaculture Hatchery Disinfection are:

A natural disinfectant
Very powerful bactericide and viricide
Very powerful oxidizer with more than 50% of chlorine oxidizing potential
3000 times faster action than chlorine
Destroys the micro-organisms
Oxidation of dissolved matter
Micro-flocculation of organic matter
Destabilization of collidal matter
Precipitation of dissolved matter
Much less aeration time is (6 to 12) hours compare to chlorine (24 to 36) hours
Does not leave any undesirable residues
Ozonated water can be stored up to 5 days without aeration

Using Ozone has proven to:

Brings down the green & yellow colony of vibrio to nil
Reduces the mortality and increases the Success ratio
Does not increase resistance of many strains of vibrio
Reduce the cycle time of exchange of water on LRT by 4 days per batch

Key Benefits

  • Increase D.O. (Dissolved Oxygen).
  • Better Quality of Shrimp Seeds
  • Greater water movement provides better conditions for the fish.
  • Removes Variations in water quality due to manual mixing of chlorine.
  • Reduce Ammonia and Nitrite.
  • Higher Standard of Environmental Control and much better pond bottom.

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