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Seafood Processing with Ozonated water

The main reasons for using Ozone in seafood processing are:

Destroying the micro-organisms / pathogens completely and permanently inactivate virus
Ozone is a very powerful bactericide and viricide and, unlike other agents such as chlorine, it does not leave any undesirable residues
Ozone is both a cleaning and a sanitizing agent, Ozone-based systems have been used in the food industry for several years.
The use of ozone-containing water for dipping and washing shrimp, fish or fish fillets results in an effective reduction of microbiological flora and simultaneously has no adverse effect on the product

Soaking, peeled shrimp in ozone- containing water was found to be more effective in addition to spraying shrimp with ozone-containing water. The higher ozone concentrations and longer treatment times studied were more effective for reducing levels of spoilage bacteria on the shrimp. This also did not increase lipid oxidation in the shrimp immediately after treatment.
Research has found that soaking shrimps in 3 ppm dissolved ozone (650-700 mV ORP reading) for 40 and60 seconds caused the greatest reduction of total aerobic counts on the shrimp.

Product Disinfection

In the seafood industry, shrimp / fish were treated with ozone-containing water to disinfect and to improve sensory qualities. Treatment of frozen or fresh shrimp, squid, octopus, mackerel, tuna, yellowtail and salmon with 1.5% NaCl solution containing 2.0 mg/L of ozone-containing water for 5-10 mins decreased the viable bacterial count by 2-3 logs.

Increased Shelf Life

Ozonation is found to be a suitable treatment, before any storage. It improves microbiological and biochemical qualities of shrimp / fish and consequently prolongs their shelf life considerably. The advantage of ozone are as follows:

Ozone treatment of shrimp / fish slows down its bacterial growth significantly, resulting in lower counts bacteria.
Ozone treatment increases the shelf life of shrimp / fish by 40 to 70% compared to non-ozonated process.
Ozone has no negative impact on the bio-chemical properties of shrimp / fish
Ozone leaves no residue on the fish and creates no changes on its color and flavor.

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Sea Food Processing

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Ozone Advantages

The most powerful oxidizer available.
Environmentally friendly.
No chemical storage required.
Three-thousand times more germicidal than chlorine.
Instant pathogen destruction & no harmful chemical residual.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates harmful bacteria.
  • Neutralizes toxic pesticides.
  • Food stays fresh up to 3 times longer.
  • Free sanitizer: use Ozone infused water on worktops, cutting boards and much more.
  • Ozone keeps wash water cleaner longer: Less Water Usage.
  • Eliminate chlorine from a process: No THM's or other chlorinated by-products.

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